Add, Remove, & Modify User Access

One of the most appreciated features of LoadOut hardware modules is the ability to dictate which people have access to load material from a specific facility. With help from the Yellowbox App – user access permissions are en excellent way to improve facility security and deliver greater peace of mind.

Yellowbox App

Added Peace of Mind

With a LoadOut hardware system and the Yellowbox App – you can now have added peace of mind that only specified users will have the capability to load material out of a facility. Theft, unauthorized access, and ensuring only qualified personnel load material out are constant concerns for many facility managers – which is why we’ve placed an emphasis on ensuring that they have the ability to decide who has access.

Helping to Prevent Theft of Commodity Material

With this added level of security and protocol – LoadOut hardware systems can help to deter commodity theft. This is especially true of remote sites where there are not constant staff that man facilities 24/7.

Easy to Add or Remove Users

It literally takes three seconds to add or remove a user, which makes this ideal for providing access to contract haulers either in advance or on the spur of a moment. A facility manger or owner can easily add a contract hauler for an hour, day, or longer. We know that in most situations there are high levels of trust between contract haulers and facility owners, but this interface allows for added safeguards to ensure protocol is followed and only authorized users engage with the facility.