Improved Safety

LoadOut hardware systems, in conjunction with the Yellowbox app, allows the operator to perform the entire material handling process from inside the cab using their mobile device. With this technology, loading trucks, trains, or ships is significantly safer for employees as it removes the need for climbing, being outdoors in adverse weather conditions and minimizes dust exposure.

Grain Loading
Traditionally, loading a transport vehicle has required multiple people and exposed them to dust, cold, heat, and required them to climb up and down monitoring the process.
Monitor Loading
It can be extremely difficult to monitor the loading process and run to turn off the flow of material in the control room (even with the presence of multiple people). LoadOut addresses all of these challenges and provides increased safety and measurable ROI by turning the material handling process into a one person job every time.
Farmer Using LoadOut
This farmer is using LoadOut to streamline the process of loading corn while also eliminating the severe dust inhalation that would have been present if he was outside of the cab. The task of loading grain is safer for the farmer and their operation is more efficient with LoadOut for Yellowbox.