Enhanced Facility Security

The presence of a LoadOut hardware system significantly enhances facility security. LoadOut modules provide a variety of security features such as the ability for facility managers to define which employees or contractors have access rights to load material from various outbound points. In addition to the LoadOut control hardware – high definition camera(s) that have the primary purpose of allowing the user to monitor loading bulk material can record security footage that safeguards facilities from theft or trespassing after normal business hours.

Theft of Commodity Material Happens Regularly

Arrest Report

This news article describes a recent situation where a significant value of grain was stolen.

User Access To LoadOut Is Administered Through Yellowbox

The LoadOut hardware modules were designed to interface with the Yellowbox app. As many of you know – the Yellowbox app is a powerful platform that empowers people’s daily lives. The Yellowbox app also makes it possible to set up and designate authorized users – but one of the most important ones is the ability to use the Yellowbox app to delegate access and usage rights for individual LoadOut modules. Leveraging the power of the Yellowbox app, facility managers have complete control on who has access to load commodities from a particular facility.

Have multiple LoadOut spouts or augers within a single facility? No problem. We understand the need to temporarily assign a custom hauler access to load.

As you can see in the screen shot above, it is extremely simple for facility managers to manage the users which have access to load material.

Powerful Video Security with High Definition Cameras

The benefits of having a LoadOut hardware system installed at your facility do not end after you are finished loading grain, stone, fertilizer, aggregate, or various other types of commodities. We’ve partnered with Axis Communications to provide the recommended brand of cameras that work alongside the LoadOut hardware modules to provide users a clear view of the material handling process through the Yellowbox app ecosystem.



Axis Camera
High definition (HD) cameras from Axis provide superior video that can be used with the Yellowbox app and LoadOut hardware modules for loading material. They also provide comprehensive 24/7 security to facilities.
Easily Identifiable
If anyone would attempt to steal commodity from your facility – you can see how this high quality photo taken from the video recording would provide the police authorities with details that could help to identify the suspect. The driver, license plate, and truck color/type are all easily identifiable.

The same high definition cameras that are used to monitor the flow of commodity handling can be used as an added tool in safeguarding your facility against potential theft or malicious activity. Visibility is possible under any type of conditions – such as during a rain storm in complete darkness as is occurring in this photograph from a grain handling facility.

Security Dashboard