Operating with LoadOut

Watch this brief video that shows how LoadOut interacts with the Yellowbox App to streamline material handling.

LoadOut Hardware Delivers Value

LoadOut hardware modules are robust industrial control systems that connect to the Yellowbox App. The LoadOut hardware connects to motors which open and close the flow of grain, fertilizer, aggregate, or any other type of granular material you wish to load. LoadOut hardware is designed to connect to high definition cameras, sensors, and indicator lights.

LoadOut Syncs With the Yellowbox App

LoadOut syncs with the Yellowbox App which is the facilitator. Through the Yellowbox App, users can connect

People Appreciate The Way LoadOut Works

“LoadOut is a dependable product that streamlines the way we operate our grain facility and truck fleet. The LoadOut hardware was easy to install at our facility. I can add and remove users who have access to load grain through the Yellowbox app too which is really convenient and gives me greater peace of mind.”

— Scott McCain, Grain Facility Manager

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