Operating with LoadOut

Take a moment to watch this video to learn about the powerful features of LoadOut Material Handling Systems.

Robust Hardware Systems

LoadOut hardware systems are the center of what allows the Yellowbox App to utilize data and information in a way that creates an immersive and actionable material handling experience. The hardware has been engineered to adapt to the custom specifications for a variety of material handling facilities such as slide gates and conveyor systems. Through the Yellowbox App, it is possible to intermix weight sensors, moisture sensors, high definition cameras, and many more types of sensors/hardware making the information relevant and accessible for the user to command and control the loading process. The ability to intelligently utilize this information to monitor and control drives efficiency, safety, and allows for the capture of accurate data so that people know what’s going on.

Putting Data To Work

One of the most powerful features of LoadOut hardware modules is their ability to act upon the data feeding into the Yellowbox App from a variety of sensors, data points, and other locations. This can be extremely helpful when trying to load a transport vehicle with pinpoint accuracy. Visit the “Yellowbox App” section of our website to learn more about the value of putting data to work via LoadOut & Yellowbox App.

A Responsive & Engaging User Experience

Yellowbox AppLoadOut material handling delivers efficient value to a wide array of industry segments. From agricultural grain handling (via truck, train, barge ship), to the fertilizer sector, aggregate & stone, and many others. The technology is developed with flexibility and designed to be versatile to provide optimal value to your facility.



“LoadOut is an awesome product. I see numerous applications for my neighbors that are farmers, work at grain elevators, or work in the rail & shipping industry. This technology that is built on the Yellowbox platform will without a doubt make a big impact.”

—Arvid Tunemar, Facility Manager

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