With LoadOut

Without LoadOut

LoadOut is a robust iOT solution that allows people to monitor & control material handling from a smartphone.

LoadOut Delivers Tremendous Value

Health & Safety

LoadOut improves the health and safety of people by reducing their exposure to dust, inclement weather, allergens, & removes the need to climb up ladders.

Economics & ROI

LoadOut provides a measurable return on investment by allowing a single person to load a transport vehicle with material - this added efficiency reduces labor.

Improved Security

LoadOut reduces theft of commodity products by fusing 24/7 video survailance with social networking features that only allow trusted drives to load material.

Watch LoadOut In Action

LoadOut Is Built To Perform

When you purchase a monitoring and control system from LoadOut - you're getting a product that has been built to perform in harsh industrial environments. This isn't a product that's just been designed to work half way at all.

  • -30°F to +130°F

    LoadOut has been engineered to operate in extreme environments. It can withstand prolonged periods of rain, snow, heat, and cold. LoadOut operates within a temperature range spaning -30°F to +130°F.

  • UL 508 Enclosure

    LoadOut features molded latch keepers, a tongue and groove seal design, and a flange design for adaptable mounting. LoadOut enclosures are NEMA Types 4, 4X, 12 & UL 508 and UL 50 Type 1, 2, 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 12, 13 rated.

  • AES-256 Encryption

    LoadOut is secured with AES-256 bit encryption to help prevent unauthorized people from loading material.

  • Failsafe Circuitry

    LoadOut is built with redundant circuitry to deactivate the flow of material if the mobile device looses connection.

LoadOut "Single Convey"

LoadOut "Single Convey" hardware modules are designed to control an auger or conveyor that feeds material into a transport vehicle.

"LoadOut Slide"

For material handling facilities that utilize a gravity fed method of loading commodities, the "LoadOut Slide" hardware system will server your needs.

Spoutsense Ensures A Vehicle Is Present

Spoutsense is an optional accessory that contains a sensor that ensures a transport vehicle is properly aligned under the spout. The material handling equipment won't operate unless a vehicle is detected. Spoutsense also contains lights, audible signaling, and can serve as a connection point for the camera and wireless access points.

LoadOut Serves Many Industries

  • Fertilizer & Mining Sectors

    This technology benefits a wide range of industries. Fertilizer & coal are two examples of bulk material products that are dirty and potentially unsafe for workers to be exposed to hazardous dusts. LoadOut can help with that experience.

  • Aggregate & Stone

    Aggregate & stone facilities can benefit from LoadOut's features when it comes to conveying various types of products into their trucks or trains.

  • Agriculture

    As you can probably tell from all the photos of corn trucks, LoadOut was first developed to help improve the way grain is transported on farms. Farmers, grain terminals, and feed lots all over are using LoadOut.

We Sell Tech The "Old Fashioned" Way

12 Month Warranty

We provide a warranty of 12 months on all LoadOut systems. If your system stops working we will send replacement parts within 24 hours.

No Subscription Fees

There are no monthly or annual fees with LoadOut When you purchase a LoadOut system - you're able to calculate a clear path to ROI.

Extended Warranty

After the first year, we do offer the ability for customers to purchase an annual extended warranty. It's only $249 per year and continues the original warranty coverage.

Built for Agthena

LoadOut hardware modules interface with the Agthena mobile application. This allows LoadOut to benefit from the many types of additional sensors and hardware that also work with Agthena's iOT platform.

Add & Remove User Access to LoadOut Hardware

Facility managers can easily add and remove user access to facilities within their social network. This provides greater convenience especially for granting temporary access to contract haulers. You can grant them temporary access even if you're not physically on site.

Handsome Control Interface

When you connect to the LoadOut hardware module and camera via the app - you'll find that it provides an easy to use interface.

Load In Complete Darkness

Whether it's day or night - the 24/7 versatility of LoadOut systems makes it possible to maintain consistent levels of productivity regardless of the facility you are located at.

Here's What LoadOut Users Are Saying...

I haul more than 500 loads of grain a year for our farm - LoadOut has made my job much safer and easier. It makes hauling grain on cold or wet days a true pleasure.

LoadOut made it possible for my father to haul grain again. He's over 70 years old and can safely stay in the truck hauling grain while my brothers and I do other manual tasks on around the facility. This gives us more time with our families - which is priceless

LoadOut is a wonderful tool that helps us operate our commodity transport safely and efficiently. I wish we could have had this technology back in the old days.