Operating with LoadOut

Material handling is hard work that has traditionally required multiple people (being subjected to dust and hazardous climbing) to load a transport vehicle. Watch this short video that shows how LoadOut Hardware works with the Yellowbox App to improve the safety & efficiency of material handling.

LoadOut Hardware Delivers Value

LoadOut hardware was developed to improve safety and efficiency of material handling by making it possible for people to monitor and control the process from a smartphone or tablet. The LoadOut modules connect to relays, motor starters, or PLC’s to activate the flow of grain, fertilizer, aggregate, or any other type of granular (or fluid) material in a seamless and intelligent manner. LoadOut hardware is engineered to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions to provide reliable performance at nearly any facility on Earth.

Learn about the intelligent sensors and logic that is built into LoadOut to help make it safer & dependable. –

LoadOut Syncs With The Yellowbox App

You may have heard that LoadOut connects to the Yellowbox App… but what exactly does this mean? It’s actually quite simple. LoadOut modules are the physical piece of hardware that installs at your facility – it contains the brains that activate and deactivate the flow of material. The Yellowbox App is what the user logs into on their smartphone to send the commands to the LoadOut hardware! Facility administrators also use the Yellowbox App to delegate user permissions within facilities, set up cameras, and a variety of other sensors which add even more features and functionality for the people loading material at their facility.

– Check out a variety of sensors and cameras that interface with the Yellowbox App that work with LoadOut to streamline material handling.

People Appreciate The Way LoadOut Works

“LoadOut is a dependable product that streamlines the way we operate our corn and soybean grain facility. My good friend Charles and I used to have to help each other load our respective trucks due to the hazardous dust and climbing – not to mention the high rate of grain discharge from the gravity spout made it impossible for one person to do it alone. The LoadOut hardware was easy to install at our facility and we were loading grain in under an hour. The LoadOut hardware syncs nicely with the Yellowbox App and provides convenient features that allow me to delegate access to other people in our operation.”

— Scott McCain, Grain Facility Manager

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